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IT Department Enhancement

Interpreting Technology can be your backup IT department.

We provide services to numerous companies who have their own teams and require additional knowledge and services.

Chances are, your IT department has a good grasp on most things, but needs additional support in the following areas:

  • Placing full-time IT employees
  • Ensuring a 30,000 foot overall view of your company’s IT infrastructure and support
  • Provide assistance on specific projects that need additional support
  • Remote management and monitoring (RMM)
  • Provide big-picture solutions to
  • Ransomware recovery and prevention

We also provide services to numerous companies who have their own IT departments, but perhaps one of their physical locations is closer to us than to their headquarters. You can save your corporate office unneeded airfare and inquire with our team.

We anticipate you’ll have more questions before you make a decision on a support company. We provide references and offer complimentary assessments to see if Interpreting Technology is the right fit for your business. Contact us today to find out how we can augment your IT team today.



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