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Managed Services

Offering professional I.T. solutions is more than a business to us. Managed services can mean saving a business hundreds of thousands of dollars and time. We take great pride in offering an excellent solution in Skagit County and beyond for all small, medium, and large businesses.

Our clients peace of mind is at the top of our list and a primary reason we continue to win repeat business from our clients for our managed services. Our full service customer service goes beyond a typical I.T. solution provider. Offering continuous I.T. support, routine maintenance, consistent network monitoring and reliable reporting, we have your I.T. infrastructure covered from all ends.

Continuous I.T. Support

If your business has computer software or hardware, the reality is at some point your company will need I.T. support. As with vehicles and homes, the more we maintain a structure, the better its overall health will be.

Ongoing I.T. support not only helps maintain a green light for system health, but saves a business thousands of dollars in time, and hardware, software and data protection.


Enterprise level I.T. infrastructure and networks have a learning curve when it comes to management, especially when undertaking the coordination of routine maintenance and updates. Just the scheduling of maintenance alone can cut right into a work schedule. As a business owner, you work hard at keeping revenue up and downtimes low.

Interpreting Technology’s I.T. managed services put I.T. maintenance at the top of the list, so business owners rest easy knowing that their I.T. assets are protected and up to date.

Network Monitoring

Do you have time to ensure your networks are running quickly, efficiently, and are up to date? If you are like 90% of small to medium business owners in Skagit County and the surrounding areas, your answer is probably no. Interpreting Technology’s network monitoring assures that network performance is monitored strategically and consistently.

With proper network monitoring, Interpreting Technology’s team of network professionals are notified the minute a network begins to operate slowly or has any difficulties, and identify and resolve the issue. The upside to this is not only the advantage of sharp, focused network monitoring, but also the added benefit of increased overall security.


Interpreting Technology’s Managed Services provide clear, concise and accurate reports so you can directly see how your I.T. assets are performing. While small to medium sized businesses are aware of the emotional R.O.I. that comes with a managed services investment, it’s smart business sense to visually see the financial R.O.I. that managed I.T. services provide.

Our team at Interpreting Technology provides in-depth reports and will happily walk a client through reading and analysis of these reports so we can better help the client understand, and highlight the ways in which we can help your networks and infrastructure run smooth and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Managed Services

What is Managed Services exactly?
Managed Services, in a broad sense, allows a business or individual to offload all or part of IT operations to Interpreting Technology. We then assume an ongoing responsibility for up to 24-hour monitoring, managing, and proactive problem resolution for the IT systems within your business. Our packages all include discounted rates for any services or needs that do not fall within the scope of your chosen package.

Why Managed Services?
The managed services approach is the most proactive way to manage your IT needs on the market today. Up until its emergence, the traditional way of handling IT needs was to simply react to problems as they arose. This is referred to as the “Break-Fix” approach. Companies would wait until a device on the network goes down or breaks before funds are targeted. This reactionary approach creates larger costs associated with replacing, repairing, or even recovering systems on the network because of little or no preventative maintenance. This approach also creates a great deal of sudden and unexpected costs that can strain cash flow and slow business to a halt while systems and employees experience downtime. Downtime goes past efficiency, if your customers are inconvenienced or your reputation is impacted. In many cases a minimal, yet consistent, proactive approach can identify issues or warning signs in enough time to mitigate downtime. An old saying comes to mind:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”   – Ben Franklin

What is included in a Managed Service Plan?
Interpreting Technology understands that every business is different, and in turn, their IT needs are different. A qualified representative will be able to do an audit of your needs with you and then assemble service options to custom build your Managed Services Plan. This lets us provide you with everything you want and need for a predictable cost.

How are Managed Services priced?
We will go through a process of collecting information with you so we know what your true needs are.

Some of these questions are:

  • How many employees?
  • Do you have any mobile or remote users?
  • How many workstations?
  • How many servers?
  • What is your network topology?
  • How many locations?
  • What hours of support do you need?
  • Would you like to budget for after-hours emergency onsite support?

All of this and more comes together to give you a completely customized price based on your size and specific needs that you can budget for easily, ultimately saving money!

Our business requires certain compliancy (HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc). Can you still help?
Yes! We are proud to be able to service businesses in many facets that have compliancy requirements. We currently have customers in the healthcare industry (HIPAA), government contractors (ITAR/FISMA), financial institutions and advisors (SOX), educational institutions (FERPA), municipalities (CJIS), and even international offices (EUDDP/OECD). We possess the appropriate knowledge and experience to handle compliancy needs. [Learn More]

“But, we already have an Internal IT department!” We still have a plan for you!
If you already have a member of your staff that assists you in your technical care, we don’t want to replace them if you’re happy. We’re able to work in tandem with systems you have in place to improve upon and help manage the workload, improving efficiency. Whatever your technical needs are, we have a plan to support them.

How long are the contract lengths?
While some providers force clients into lengthy contracts we firmly believe that if we are doing our job right you will be so happy you’ll want to continue doing business with us year after year.

We do not have contracts, but we do have agreements. The agreements spell out what you can expect as part of your service package and what you would be expected to pay for the service provided. We personally prefer not feeling locked into anything and we are confident our clients will as well.

Additional Benefits

As a client on our managed service program you will have access to our secure client portal branded just for you. This will allow you to:

  • Directly submit tickets to your account
  • Review work in progress
  • View projects, project calendar, percentage complete, hours worked and contacts
  • Run reports
  • E-mail the project team from the portal


Interpreting Technology is here to help you!


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