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Backup and Disaster Recovery

The need for backups of the data on your computers tend to easily sit in the back of your mind. You’ll get to it someday, right? Before you know it, months or years have passed and it’s still on your to-do-someday list. Until that inevitable day when you go to start your computer and it no longer recognizes your hard drive. Your heart sinks and your adrenalin rises. You’re worried, but you’re sure somebody can help.

Did you know that each year, there’s nearly a 3% chance that your hard drive could fail?

If everyone in Skagit County owned one computer, there’s a good chance that over 3500 of them could fail this year. Are you prepared? Recovering data from a failed hard drive is often difficult or impossible.

What would you do if your computer failed this year? What would you miss? Pictures, business documents, email, your company or personal financials? Web favorites, lists of passwords stored in your web browser? What about your contact list or calendars? Not to mention all those business and personal files you’ve been meaning to organize someday.

If you have a backup system for your computers, that’s wonderful!

Have you tested it to make sure it is actually working? Would you know how to use it in case of emergency? We strive to ensure our customers can confidently answer “YES!” when asked these questions.

Interpreting Technology is your trusted Northwest Washington partner in proactively preventing the devastating loss that results from computer failures. Let us take the headache out of managing your backups and disaster recovery. With experience ranging from your personal computer at home, all the way up to multiple servers in a midsized business environment, we can ensure your data safety and integrity.  Contact us today for a consultation to see how we can help bring you peace of mind with your digital data.


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