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Commonly Asked Questions

What can I expect from a typical consultation?
We provide network audits to all new and existing clients, free of charge. This is the first step in assessing customer needs. We’ll examine your server, operating system, printers, scanners, back-up system, and industry in order to obtain a full picture of the day-to-day operations of the company.

We’ll also check that all system updates are installed; and find out what issues continue to occur. At this time, we would also like to discuss the direction of the company to make sure whatever work we do will support your future plans of expansion, new services, employee growth, etc.

Once we have successfully obtained the proper information, we will make our recommendations. Our goal is to offer the best quality and service at a comfortable price-point.

How can I tell if my data and network is secure?
Unfortunately, there are no iron-clad guarantees of network safety. However, there are internal and external steps that can prevent security breaches. Most business security breaches or leaks are internal! Prevent internal security issues by observing best tech and security practices such as:

Here are some quick internal security tips that we recommend all businesses (and homes) observe:

  • Only grant access to information that employees need to do their job. Many companies make the mistake of giving full access to everyone, when that can have devastating effects on company security. Start from the ground up, restricting access to pertinent information
  • Let your IT support team know when an employee leaves the company
  • Restrict access to files—password protect these files for added layers of protection
  • Change all default passwords, IP addresses, etc.

External Security is also important, and often overlooked. Many companies with guest wifi use the same server for their sensitive material. A big no-no! Best external security practices may include:

  • Secured encryption to ensure that your one central point is not vulnerable
  • 2-Factor authentication, especially if previous security breaches have not been addressed, or continue to occur
  • Layers of security that work in tandem with your current system

In regards to both internal and external security; your industry, current network, and the needs of the business ultimately determine if your current set-up can be utilized to solve security issues. If not, we’re can help find the best solution.

Interpreting Tech is happy to perform free Network audits for new and existing clients; which can address issues of internal and external network security.

How can I trust Interpreting Technology with my network, and access to sensitive documents?
As a large percentage of our clients have been from referrals, we believe that our quality of service is well-spoken for. Additionally, our founder and owner, Adrian Santangelo, has a background in security and understands the importance of having a secure base. From experience with digital forensics, to background checks at the FBI level, Adrian Santangelo and Interpreting Tech has used these experiences to create a protected network that benefits client privacy, and creates a model of network security that we recommend to our own clients.

We also observe industry requirements as well as recommended practices for most compliance forms such as HIPPA, PCI, DSS, SOX, ITAR, FISMA, FERPA and COPPA.

Some industries we currently support include:

  • Finance
  • Dentistry
  • Small businesses
  • Manufacturing
  • International companies

and much more. If you still have concerns regarding our security, please contact us for more information.

How do I know I’m not being overcharged?
The simple answer is: you don’t. There’s a level of skill involved that is similar to that of a mechanic or doctor in that services aren’t always transparent. That being said, we are technicians, not salespeople. Our main concern is getting you the best possible equipment and service that is in your budget. We want to use our expertise to ultimately help obtain your end goal, and find the best way to sustain that over the long-term.

One of the ways we keep costs low is by servicing computers in our shop for flat-rate prices, as opposed to on-site, per-hour charges. We are one of the only IT support companies in Skagit County that offer this option, which supports our mission of supplying our community with technicians and support, not salespeople.

What values and mission am I supporting when I use Interpreting Technology?
Interpreting Technology works hand in hand with the community. We participate in local events, actively work with the Chamber of Commerce in the greater Skagit areas, and proudly support numerous local non-profit organizations. By supporting Interpreting Technology, you are also encouraging community strength and leadership, and a local business.

Apple vs. PC?
Apple products can be great for personal use, but PC’s are recommended for most business purposes. Contrary to popular belief, Apple is not a higher level of equipment or software. A properly maintained PC is statistically infected less often that an unprotected Apple computer. Apple computers simply take up less of the market—only 5%—resulting in less viruses, malware, and other malevolent programs that can infect your devices. Although more ‘rare’, however, an infected Apple is much harder to fight due to the lack of antivirus programs available.

While Interpreting Technology is happy to support PC and Apple, we strongly recommend that unless a business has a strong need for Apple software (such as graphic designers), they stick to PCs in order to support more software, drivers, etc.

This especially holds for businesses on a budget, as Apple’s are more expensive up-front, to maintain, and to replace.

What is IT Department Enhancement?
IT Department enhancement involves working with previously existing IT networks. By providing project support, as well as new information and solutions to existing problems, we can assist your team in staying on top of technology. We also help IT networks transition to new systems such as Office 365, cloud storage, or email programs.

Our staff keeps up to date on new programs, devices, operating systems, and recommended practices for maximum longevity and efficiency. As such, we can often help IT departments develop better practices to protect, enhance, and sustain businesses. Our certifications and training give us the extensive knowledge necessary to function as industry leaders in the community. Interpreting Tech wants to make sure our clients utilize our knowledge and expertise to support them even if we’re not there—by enhancing your current IT department.

Is Remote Support a good option for my business?
Absolutely. Most software issues can be addressed remotely to save time, money, and resources. By saving commuting time and general hassle, we can provide a high level of service without interrupting the crucial operations that make your business profitable, healthy, and serving the community. Remote support is just one of the ways we strive to make technology make sense, and make you feel more comfortable in doing what you do best.


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