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1. Do I need to upgrade to W-8 before I upgrade to W-10?

You can go right from Windows 7 to Windows 10 without the need for 8 between.

2. Am I eligible for W-10?  (How do I find out?)

If you have Windows 7 or 8/8.1, you are eligible for the free upgrade (for up to a year).

3. If I am eligible, what advantage, if any, would there be for me to upgrade?

There are a number of reason you may (or may not) wish to upgrade. Those with 8/8.1 have an easier decision – W10 is based off 8 and looks/acts a lot like it. Same code base so no compatibility issues, etc. From Windows 7, it WILL be very different, there COULD be compatibility issues, etc. But there are added features too. (See link.)

4. If I should upgrade, and if I am eligible to do so, how do I reserve a copy of W-8, and/or W-10?

You should be able to reserve your copy by double-clicking on the white Windows logo by the clock. There should be an obvious button/quick wizard. If you don’t see it, try running Windows Update from the Control Panel and looking near the bottom of that window for a link.

5. The most common question I’ve gotten is “why would I want to upgrade?” and it’s a good question for sure. Like I said, from 8 it’s an easy choice. But from 7, it’s a bigger decision. I did find a great article that discusses them fairly well against each other –

Please let us know if you have other questions. For the record, those that have gone to 10 have had success with the process, including from 7. A handful of reboots and some small confusion on downloads is about it. We’ve had it running stable in our office for almost a year as well.

Since we are starting to get more and more requests about Windows 10, I decided to mirror the portable installer.


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