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Interpreting Technology Acquired by Cyemptive Technologies, Inc

On June 8th 2020 we, the ownership of Interpreting Technology, shared that we had been acquired by a cybersecurity firm, Cyemptive Technologies, Inc based in Woodinville, Washington.

In case you missed the first announcement, Pamela and Adrian became acquainted and built a relationship with the CEO of Cyemptive, Rob Pike, over the last five years. Rob was eager to bring the talent from our company into his, and with time and consideration, it became clear that this was mutually beneficial for everyone involved. Cyemptive is impressed with what our company has accomplished; therefore, everyone in our company will be retained. It’s important to us that you know this was not an overnight decision, nor a decision forced upon us due to current conditions. It is a decision that has been in process for over a year and discussed heavily. Both Adrian and Pamela are excited for this opportunity to bring an increased focus to cybersecurity that will benefit our clients with the result.

It is expected that our clients will benefit from the training opportunities available by Cyemptive to our team, and eventually, able to utilize the advanced security technology that their company developed. (The same tech that won the Department of Homeland Security’s Technology Competition last year!)

As of October 1st 2020, the brand known as Interpreting Technology will become Cyemptive; however, everything we stand for will continue to live on and further grow. There will likely be other changes to the way our company operates as our team becomes fully integrated as part of Cyemptive; however, many things will be retained, as you have always known them to be. A handful of the existing staff will become part of the leadership team at Cyemptive, giving us a voice on the future of the company as a whole.

We want to thank all of our clients and the community who have supported our business over the last 16 years. We would not be here without you. From being honored three times as “Business of the year”, once as “Business leader of the year”, and scads of other recognitions both local and regional, it has always been because of your support that made any of this possible.

As always, much appreciation and gratitude.

Pamela and Adrian Santangelo


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