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It would certainly be easy for us to list off a bunch of reasons why WE think you should choose Interpreting Technology as your partner in I.T., but we decided to put the question to our clients late one evening via Facebook. Here is what they had to say.

“Relationship. Computer issues can be confusing enough on their own. I prefer one company that I can call for home or office. It’s also trust.” ~Regan

“Not only because of your experience, you are reliable, knowledgeable, determined to try every possible solution to meet the customer’s needs (both personal and professional), and finally you have received recognition from your peers and the community!” ~ Lynda

“You know your business. You get the job done in a timely manner. You explain the problem and solution in terms easily understood. You are never too busy to return my calls and emails. Reasonable prices! You are trustworthy!” ~ Kathy

“Because you’re very good at keeping in touch through email, phone or text about what’s wrong, when it’ll be ready and how much it’ll cost. You also have the best prices for the best services that most companies don’t provide. And you don’t mind answering questions through Facebook. We really appreciate that!” ~Mary

“Because my personal and business information is safe with you and yours. I don’t have to watch every second to make sure my information is safe. You’ve proven that for the last 7 or 8 years.” ~Franki

“You don’t treat people like they are stupid because they don’t understand technology (after all, they are brining it to you – that’s a smart move). You always keep the channels of communication open and don’t limit them. Meaning you are tech-savvy in ways many other businesses aren’t: you text, call, and email rather than limiting the choice to just calls. You are trust-worthy and prove it quickly by being thorough, informative, and quick. You actually listen and make people feel like their tech issues are important and that they matter as a person. Lastly, you offer ways to improve a person’s use of their equipment with true interest, knowledge, and encouragement rather than a sales pitch to make an extra buck. Go Interpreting Technology!” ~Khali

“Because Adrian is so dreamy?” ~ John

“Because you’re F****** AWESOME!! Oh, crap. That won’t work on a web-page, but it’s true!” ~ Diane

“Because you are consistently dependable to get the job done, when your customer needs it , and done correctly.” ~ Sherri

“For me the answer is cuz the computer doesn’t compute or the router doesn’t route or the printer doesn’t print. I’m kinda silly that way, but if the toilet doesn’t flush I’m not calling Interpreting Tech. I’m calling a plumber.” ~ Charles

We appreciate all the kind words. (The only adjustment made were for a typo or two, or to make it more “family friendly” at times!) We even left in the joker for your amusement. You are welcome to find the original thread posted on March 22, 2015 on our Facebook page.

We encourage you to do your own homework on us, or any service provider, before making a decision. Google us! We are confident you will like what you see.


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