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Why Your Referrals are as Valuable as Pearls

Written by Mindy Holland

1) ASK! Ask for referrals and ensure you ask at the right time.
Immediately following a purchase, after a positive customer social engagement, after a high rating on a survey or social media, or when communicating with loyal customers.

2) Make referring as easy as possible. Place a link or note at the bottom of your email signature for the client to forward, ensure your client has your business information in their phone and always ensure your full signature is listed at the bottom of your email so they have a quick reference.

3) Encourage referred customers to become referrers themselves.

4) Remind people who have referred customers in the past to refer again.

5) Engage with users on social media. Do this by making yourself an active participant in the online conversations that are taking place around your brand.

6) Approach those who have provided positive reviews online and encourage them to refer your business to their co-workers, friends and family members.

7) Train your staff to actively request referrals from satisfied clients.

8) Send a thank you card to those who have exceeded your expectations or were a delight to work with, and let them know you will be referring them to others. This may trigger the thought that they should refer you to others as well.

9) Ensure you thank those that have referred business to you.

10) Join a referral networking group.

Give the ultimate compliment to your favorite business, a referral!


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