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Interpreting Technology Open House Huge Success

Written by Pamela Santangelo

On May 11, 2017 Interpreting Technology hosted an All Chambers After Hours at their office at 203 East Fairhaven Avenue, Burlington.

An All Chambers event includes all the Chambers of Commerce for each community within Skagit County. This included Anacortes, Burlington, Concrete, La Conner, Mount Vernon, and last but not least Sedro-Woolley.

Leading up to the event the weather was stunning, but as the day came closer the team at Interpreting Technology became deeply concerned that all their hard work would be undone due to reports of inclement weather. Just prior to the day of the event, Pamela had an idea to make a super cheesy video to make people laugh and want to come.

Are we really this cheesy? Hard to say. Come visit us on May 11th from 4-6pm to find out at Interpreting Technology at 203 E. Fairhaven Avenue in Burlington. The Children's Museum of Skagit County will be there, Mike Yeoman of KAPS, there will be wine, beer, espresso, and stuff to occupy the kids so the adults can visit.

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The earlier part of the day when preparing for the event was honestly dreadful. As the team setting up nearly lost the canopies as the rain and wind picked up, but when it mattered the weather cleared, the sun came out and the event ultimately was hugely successful.

Still setting up…

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We would like to thank Cate of the Skagit County Children Museum for bringing Frankie the Firetruck to help entertain the kids. Mike of KAPS Radio to DJ for us, VIP Espresso for providing drinks, Gerges of Interpreting Technology for setting up his personal Augmented Reality game for entertainment. Jason for agreeing to be a crossing guard. Katie and Mindy for taking the lead on getting everything ready, Lyndsey for helping maintain cleanliness during the event, and for those who stayed on to work to help clients, and those of our team who mingled. Most importantly we would like to thank the over 100 individuals who attended our event and made it fun by their being there. The days and weeks following the event we heard a great deal of positive praise and we are humbly appreciative that you enjoyed our get together.

If you missed it, don’t worry! We’ll do one again; though maybe not next year.

Interpreting Technology 发布于 2017年5月11日

Interpreting Technology 发布于 2017年5月11日

Interpreting Technology 发布于 2017年5月11日

There were lots of prizes and happy winners.


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